The Bundle!

Take your life to a higher level. Discover what to focus on and clear what is holding you back. Learn to operate in your heart, listening to your intuition, and exist in The BEING Zone. You will expand your consciousness and capabilities when you learn to tune into your energy and source. The course ends with steps for creating a short, simple daily practice full of happiness-boosting activities that will help you create and maintain a happy, peaceful life.

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You will be absolutely amazed at how good you feel and then how much more you can help your clients when you complete all three courses. You’ll be provided exciting new Energy-based Tools to take you through your own journey of healing and they are no less than Life-Altering. They transformed our lives and our businesses and they can do the same for you. Just imagine for a moment what it would feel like to get back to being the counselor you dreamed of being and know you can be.

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

If So, You Are in the Right Place.

A. You’re stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, or exhausted and don't always take time for self-care.
B. Your a giver. You put yourself on the back-burner and take care of everyone else first.
C. You keep telling yourself you will get to your self-care because you know how important it is and tell your clients to do it, but it is hard to fit it in before day is gone.
D. You would love more work-life balance yet you beat yourself up when you can't get your all work done. You either work too long and your family suffers or visa versa.
E. When you are tired at the end of the day, it is too easy to fall into a numbing activities like TV, video games or social media even though you know it doesn't help you feel better.
F. You want to laugh more and have a good time with your friends or family but have a hard time turning off and relaxing.
G. You don’t have any real strategy for change, so you end up doing nothing and staying stuck in this cycle day after day.
H. You are a therapist, counselor or coach and you are ready to feel more energized, learn new tools, techniques and take your life and/or business to a higher level.

Course # 1: Discovery

Excavate Your Life Experiences

This course will take you through a self-discovery and healing process so you can understand why you are the way you are and what you can do about it.

Find What Is And Isn't Working For You & Clear It

You will see how your subconscious mind and internal belief system impact your daily mood and actions. This is the toughest section but once you apply the tools you will be feeling lighter than you have in years. You will learn what is keeping you stuck or blocked in life and be provided with exciting new tools to clear those beliefs.

Course # 2: Transformation

Living a Head-Based Life Vs. a Heart-Based Life

This course will teach you (and your clients) how to take proactive steps to develop personal growth plans incorporating discovery of why you live in your head along with specific steps that will help into a heart-based life.

Exist in The BEING Zone, not the DOING Zone

When you are always busy with no down time, you are living in The DOING Zone. You will learn to pause to take time to exist to a place of great comfort and peace, which is The BEING Zone.

Identifying Your True North or Purpose

You will be lead through a series of journaling exercises that will help you tune into what truly makes you happy and what are your natural gifts. This will help you begin to discover who you are and what you are meat to do in this world.

Course # 3: Connection

You will Learn All About Energy

You will learn that everything around you is energy and how to feel and manage your own energy.

How to Connect with Source Energy

You will learn to connect at a deep and profound level with a higher source.

Create Your Own 5 Daily B.E.I.N.G. Steps

You will learn how to create a customized daily practice that is the game-changer for making all you have learned a reality in your life.

Identify Happiness-Boosting Activities

You will learn how important it is to build happiness-boosting activities into your life.

We Have Been There!

Marla Williams

Certified Life Coach, Thetahealer, PHR, PM

I now live a life I love, but it hasn’t always been that way. I went through a lot of illnesses and got here the hard way.

There isn’t an easy way to be fair, but you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I would try new things but kept pushing through life, and it took me a lot of years to figure out what worked, allowing me to transform my life.  

I took what I learned and created a system that works. As a Certified Life Coach, I have used this system successfully with over 1,200 clients and then wrote a book called The BEING Zone and The BEING Zone Online Training Program that takes what I learned and guides you through how to transform your life into one you love.

Jann Finley


I was raised in a family full of emotional dysfunction and alcohol abuse. Life wasn't always easy and I attracted the wrong type of people in my life. After divorcing, I had to learn to support myself and my two children as a single mom. At the same time I went back to school so I could work towards a better job to support my small family.

My own life struggles made me more compassionate as mental health counselor. I am able to guide clients through clearing old trauma and abuse and help them to step into their own wisdom and inner power just as I did. Hypnotherapy and The BEING Zone System have made me a more effective and intuitive therapist. I love what I do!

Amanda Stovall

Certified Life Coach, Thetahealer

These days I’m happy and know how to navigate the rough waves life can present. It wasn’t always easy, and I didn’t always know what to do.

Honestly, it's not easy to jump to the life you love without doing the work to find out who you are, or what you want. You need to take specific steps to get there. You don’t have suffer along the way when there is a tried and true path.

 I had done a lot of self-help work: read books, taken classes, had mentors, and still had not realized that I am my own key to happiness. That is why The BEING Zone System is so near and dear to my heart; it establishes a pathway to take YOU to the core of who you are.

The Online Course for People Who Want to Transform Their Lives into One’s They Love

Imagine Your Life Three Months From Now

Remember that long list of complaints you had about your life?

✔️ All ticked off. You read the book, and/or participated in the training, and made a decision on what tools worked best for you, practiced them and made them a reality in your life. You have more balance and self-care.

That feeling of stress or overwhelm?

✔️ Completely gone. You now have the tools to respond to issues you face in life. You are no longer feeling stuck and seeing no way out. You know what works and actively build those things into your life and practice.

Trying to change but not sure how?

✔️ Never again. You belong to a community of people who used to feel the same way who can now help and support you. Even better, you have access to us on Facebook Live Calls and in our Facebook Group.

Who Is This Class For?

✔️Mental Health Counselors
✔️DIY Individuals on Healing Journey

This Class is For YOU!






What's Included


At the heart of your transformation is this course, covering everything from why you are the way you are and what to do about it. With live videos, audio recordings, tools, and tips on how to better help you or your clients step into a new way of living.


You will have access to downloadable PDFs and live links to useful studies and resources.


Get your questions answered online. We will monitor activity in our FB group, ask that you tag us when you have a question, and we will respond as quickly as we are able.


We love building communities. We have been counseling, coaching, and teaching for years and believe in supporting everyone who places their trust in us by generously giving our time and expertise as freely as possible. We are passionate about helping people to create lives they love, and therapists/coaches build practices they love.

Our Course Library

Course #1: Discovery

If you’re ready to discover why you are the way you are, here you’ll be guided through journaling to identify your issues and then you will be given tools on how to deal with them so they are no longer impeding your happiness or health.

Course #2: Transformation

Once you have cleared the issues, holding you back, it is time to understand what you can do to create a life you love. Learning how to listen to your intuition so you always know you are doing the right things. Then going through the process of really understanding what makes you tick so you can set a path for your life. 

Course #3 Connection

Learning to feel energy and feeling connected to others as well as something greater than you, helps you feel more alive than ever, Add to that a consistent routine of the 5 Daily B.E.I.N.G. Steps and a few Happiness Boosting Activities, and you will feel the connection with yourself, others and the world. 

Create a Life You Love

If you’re ready to start creating the life you dreamed you would have, the time is now.

The BEING Zone System Curriculum by Course


Section 1 Welcome and Overview

·      Welcome (9:33)

·      About this course (4:03)

·      The BEING Zone System (5:24)

·      What a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist has to Say (4:44)

·      How you will Benefit as a BEING Zone System Practitioner (5:11)

Section 2 What Our Clients are Facing and How to Clear It

·      Why We Are The Way We Are and What We Can Do About It (7:25)

·      What Does Journaling Do For You? (4:06)

·      Transparency (2:02)

·      Psychological Trauma (5:18)

·      Childhood Adversity (5:17)

·      Staggering Statistics (4:44)

·      The Subconscious (5:42)

·      Hamby and R.A.I.N.N. Studies (3:49)

·      Repressed Memories (4:55)

·      General and Specific Events (9:06)

·      Triggers (4:07)

·      Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (3:42)

·      Symptoms of Trauma (2:37)

·      Techniques for Clearing Trauma (4:07)

·      The Impact of Technology (5:28)

·      Feelings of Disconnection (3:29)

·      Distraction (5:05)

·      Out of Balance (6:40)

·      Always On (4:38)

·      Technology Use (4:27)

·      The Outcome of Abuse and Technology (4:30)

·      Blocked Energy Leads to Illness (4:16)

·      You Can Get There (2:53)

Section 3 Uncover How the Past Influences Lives

·      Ingrained Beliefs and Blocks (3:10)

·      Your Brain is Like a Sponge (4:37)

·      The Real You (10:24)

·      Grade School Years (5:12)

·      Middle School Years (6:39)

·      High School Years (4:41)

·      College Years to Now (7:45)

·      Life Happiness (6:00)

·      Are you Happy? (1:49)

·      Why Do We Do This to Ourselves? (2:58)

·      Family Belief Systems (11:02)

Section 4 The Tools for Clearing the Past

·      Tools For Clearing (2:21)

·      What Tools are Right for You and Your Clients? (1:47)

·      Tool #1 The 5 Why’s (4:36)

·      Tool #2 Three Part Breathing (4:14)

·      Tool #3 Mindful Breathing (4:49)

·      Tool #4 Breathe & Surrender Into It (4:49)

·      Tool #5 Emotional Freedom Technique (10:12)

·      Tool #6 The Healing Codes (16:04)

·      Tool #7 Subconscious Suggestion Before Sleep (5:10)

·      Tool #8 The Pond of Forgiveness (4:50)

·      Tool #9 The Mind-Body Connection (9:08)

·      Tool #10 The SHIFT Technique (11:56)

·      Tool #11 Psych-K (2:06)

·      Tool #12 ThetaHealing (2:43)

·      Key Messages and Thank You (5:02)


Section 1 Welcome and Introduction

·      Welcome and Introduction (8:00)

·      About This Course (4:50)

·      What a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist has to Say (3:19)

·      How Will You Benefit? (9:07)

Section 2 Creating A Heart Based Life

·      Thoughts Become Things (6:53)

·      What Does Journaling Do For You? (3:34)

·      Positive Thinker? (3:13)

·      Neural Pathways and Subconscious Thoughts (7:33)

·      The Ego Mind (5:03)

·      Passed Down Beliefs (6:50)

·      Egoic Thoughts (4:59)

·      The Gift of the Present Moment (8:53)

·      Tool #14 Throw It Away (3:06)

·      Tool #15 Catch Yourself & Write it Down (2:35)

·      Tool #16 Turn it Off (2:51)

·      Triggering Responses (5:01)

·      Reprogram Negative Beliefs (4:35)

·      The Three Brains (9:49)

·      Open Heart Meditation (3:06)

·      Listen to Your Intuition (12:39)

·      Time to Listen and Be Grateful (5:23)

Section 3: Move from the DOING Zone into The BEING Zone

·      Moving From the DOING Zone to The BEING Zone (4:20) 

·      How The DOING Zone Has Led Us Astray (7:08)

·      Meditation For Balance (7:49)

·      The DOING Zone and Work (3:35)

·      How The DOING Zone May Compromise Your Health (5:58)

·      Becoming Aware of Your Symptoms (2:50)

·      Engaged or Compulsive? (4:44)

·      Were You Pre-programmed to Exist in The DOING Zone? (5:04)

·      Listen to Your Body (5:37)

·      Your Body Tells the Truth (5:36)

·      Where Do You Exist? (1:35)

·      Learning to Create Balance (6:23)

·      Practical Steps for Wellness (12:33)

·      Are You Listening? (3:06)

·      You Can Do it (10:18)

Section 4: Learning to Identify One’s Purpose or True North?

·      Discovering Your True North (3:15)

·      Stuck in Life (7:50)

·      Extracting the True You (6:16)

·      Going Deeper (4:22)

·      The Movie Director (2:02)

·      The Mirror (1:50)

·      Hypnotherapy with Jann Finley (12:38)

·      Processing Information Gathered (12:24)

·      More Than Halfway There (3:40)

·      Summary of Notes (4:00)

·      Listening to Your Intuition (3:13)

·      Be a Light (2:21)

·      Key Messages and Thank You (5:14)

·      Knowledge Check


Section 1 Welcome and Intro

·      Welcome and Introduction (4:02) 

·      About this Course (2:36)

·      What a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist has to Say (1:49) 

·      How You Will Benefit (6:37) 

Section 2 We Are Energetic Beings

·      We Are Energetic Beings (8:38)

·      What do the Experts Say About Energy (4:31)

·      What Does Journaling Do For You? (4:23)

·      Feeling Energy (16:36) 

·      Feeling Negative Energy (10:20)

·      How Can You Change Your Energy Right Now? (12:44) 

·      Removing or Deflecting Negative Energy (9:31) 

·      Your Energy Pond (21:32) 

·      Energy Building Tools (16:35)

·      Energetic Basics (7:05)

·      Increasing Energy Flow (9:31)

·      Tuning into Your Energy (5:44) 

·      Managing Your Energy (5:13) 

·      Energy Limits (5:31)

Section 3 Connecting With Source

·      Connecting with Source (10:02) 

·      You Can Connect (17:42) 

·      Preparation for Connecting with a Higher Source (13:07) 

·      Preparation Learn to Feel Energy (15:39) 

·      Connecting: How Do We Get There? (10:57) 

·      Feel Energy for Answers (10:02) 

·      Waiting for Answers (10:42) 

Section 4 Happiness Boosting Activities

·      Happiness-Boosting Activities (9:20)

·      The Five Spheres & Sphere #1: Career & Achievement (10:42)

·      Sphere #2: Health and Wellness (9:44)

·      Sphere #3: Spirituality (7:07) 

·      Sphere #4: Relationships (9:08)

·      Sphere #5: Happiness-Boosting Hobbies & Activities (9:16) 

Section 5 The 5 Daily B.E.I.N.G Steps

·      The 5 Daily B.E.I.N.G. Steps -Step 1: B for BEING (15:25) 

·      Step 2 E for Energy: Remove Stuck Energy and Bring in Good Energy (5:32)

·      Step 3: I for Intentions: State Your Intentions for an Authentic Life (8:41) 

·      Step 4: N for North- Affirm Your True North (Life's Purpose) (3:20) 

·      Step 5: G for Guidance- Ask for Guidance from the Universe (6:35) 

·      How to Customize the 5 Daily B.E.I.N.G. Steps Practice- Step 1: B: BEING (19:46) 

·      Customizing for Step 2- E: Remove Stuck Energy and Bring in Good Energy (10:19) 

·      Customizing for Step 3 - I: State Your Intentions for an Authentic Life (7:51) 

·      Customizing for Step 4 - N: Affirm Your True North (Life's Purpose) (4:18) 

·      Customizing for Step 5 - G: Ask for Guidance from the Universe (7:02) 

·      Summary of the 5 Daily B.E.I.N.G. Steps (2:03) 

·      Key Messages and Thank You! (7:37)

What Our Followers Are Saying

Moorea Seal, Author

"After applying the teachings found in The BEING Zone System, and working with Marla, I find myself here, a woman who can say for certain BEING is the state in which I flow more and more each day with positivity and light. Each challenge I have faced, I have approached with grace and true wellness of operating in The BEING Zone. My life has transformed.

-Moorea Seal, Best Selling Author of the 52 Lists Series

Christina Crawford, Leader

""Learning The BEING Zone System and supporting Marla as an instructor/guide at her destination, transformational retreats been a life-changing experience for me. She empowers participants with new tools and the space to explore, and grow. They learn to feel energy and connect with their inner wisdom. I watch them step into their power and transform their lives by learning to exist in The BEING Zone.

Ash Abdi, Professional

Client comments after experiencing Jann's hypnotherapy and The BEING Zone System Tools: "Jann easily stood out amongst the professionals I've worked with.

You can absolutely feel how much Jann loves what she does. Being there to support you doesn't feel like a job for her; it is her passion. She is great at making you feel at peace. She is spiritual in nature and knowledgeable about health and healing modalities."

Client Story- Leslie

Leslie, is in her 60's and enjoys being a wife, mother and grandmother. She has a full life but continues to put pressure on herself to do too much, be perfect and not put the focus on her. This is resulting in intestinal and digestive issues. She came to me as she was all tied up in knots (so to speak) which was resulting in her health issues.

As we looked back through her life using the teaching and tools from Course 1 we realized how much her early life impacted why she does this to herself. She found that her family expected her to make the right decisions, be responsible and not shine the light on her. That was a lot of pressure on a young girl. We worked on clearing these old limiting beliefs using the SHIFT Tool and she feels lighter and happier than she ever has.

We went through key learnings in Course 2 where she learned how to quit DOING and start BEING and is now living from a heart-based place listening to her intuition so she no longer worries or stresses about making the right decisions. She no longer has to take responsibility, is more in-tune to her bodies messages and does more self-care

From Course 3, she began to incorporate the 5 daily B.E.I.N.G. Steps into her life to create more balance. She does a lot of visualization of healing and says her intention statements on what she does want instead of focusing of what is wrong. She is beginning to heal all her ailments and feel happier and more confident and calm in her life. You can do the same following The BEING Zone System.


Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you purchase and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would not want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our goal is for each one of you to be able to begin to transform your own life as well as learning to the tools to help others. We want you to experience personal transformation and see the true value of the course.

We are available in our FB group to answer questions or help you along if struggling. If this course is still not working for you, we would like to refund your money as we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.