Welcome to The BEING Zone System Training!

This is Course 1 of the BEING Zone System

Welcome! We are excited to have you join us on your journey to better health and true happiness. In this first course, you will be learning about Why You Are the Way You Are. There is a very logical explanation for why we might get stressed or anxious, worried, unhappy, depressed, or angry. Our life circumstances created our internal belief system, and we respond to the world accordingly. You will see how the parts you don't like and want to change are the result of your experiences in your formative years. We will have you journal and identify all the beliefs, blocks, or pains you need to clear. Then we will provide you with the tools to clear these erroneous beliefs so you can begin to feel lighter and more free and able to begin to step into your authentic power to live the life you were meant to.

What is the BEING Zone System?

The BEING Zone System is a step by step guide that addresses the pressures brought to us by our always-on, technology-driven, fast-paced, high-pressure world, full of adversities and trauma. In this current culture, this training will help people struggling with work/life balance. It also assists with the mounting anxiety (or depression) from the constant onslaught of bad news. The BEING Zone System provides lots of practical, accessible exercises and journaling prompts to help you recognize negative patterns and address them.

What is the BEING Zone? Meet your Instructors

The BEING Zone is a calm, meditative, connected state of BEING. It is a zone where you can operate from your heart instead of your head, allowing you to know what feels good and right intuitively.

Marla Williams is not your average life, career, and business coach, and trainer. She is an intuitive pioneering visionary who has experienced tremendous success as a key leader in creating a culture that grew a $12-million-dollar company into a global corporation that later grew to $2.3-billion when sold to a Fortune 500.

Marla's own life story of dealing with ongoing health issues resulting from pushing herself too hard and being in a continual stress state was the impetus for her book and this training program. When her doctor told her she could die if she didn’t stop, she realized the severity of her situation. She had tried building healthier habits into her life but didn’t slow down. She led a high-stress life and tried to go at the same fast pace, adding in yoga and meditation practices. It wasn’t enough, and she put herself in a life-threatening situation.

She found solutions and healed herself when the medical community didn't have answers for her. She has taken her hands-on experiences and put them into a system that can help others heal and transform their lives as she did. She knew by documenting her experiences and sharing the tools she learned along the way; she could make a big difference in others' lives going through similar struggles.

Marla's studies at the University of Washington in Organizational Development and Psychology were instrumental in her corporate career and again when she became a certified life coach. She is also certified in Reiki, Thetahealing and is working on her NLP certification. She is a trained Shaman and has learned Hypnosis and the Chakras. She is passionate about Yoga, Qigong, Essential Oils, and Acupressure and how they are instrumental in healing.

She has been fortunate enough to work with other coaches, psychologists, therapists, and mental health counselors who have found her tools and techniques extremely useful in their work with their clients and has fine-tuned her system based on first-hand experiences.

Amanda Stovall is an intuitive life coach, teacher, and artist with a heart of compassion. She unlocks people’s hearts in whatever way they need to move forward in their lives in a meaningful way. The core of her teaching and expression is based on the foundation of self-love and acceptance.

She believes self-love is the key to accessing your greatest potential. Based on her own life experiences, Amanda says, “Honor yourself and remember who you are.” When you honor, love, and respect yourself, you can trust yourself, make sound decisions, and know your life's direction because you are aware of your true wants, needs, and desires.

Amanda came from a place of deep self-rejection and not feeling worthy of love. She spent nearly a lifetime not being true to herself, and now she has truly come alive, living with love and regard for herself. The key was learning to love herself, not who she was supposed to be, not who she could be or used to be, but who she is authentically at the core.

Today she helps people become aware and conscious of who they are to begin to heal and live empowered and meaningful lives full of self-love.

Many people are not living the life they are meant to. It shows up as not confident, not healthy, not thriving, and confused. Most people do, at some point, give in and believe this is life, and it's just the way things are. They have tried counseling, yoga, meditation, medications. They have many experiences and tons of information but have failed to change their lives permanently. That’s exactly what Amanda did for years until she had her wake-up call. She came home from work one day and realized she hated her life. She hated who she was with, hated coming home, hated going to work, and had gotten to the point she didn’t even want to get up anymore. Her realization was her rock-bottom, and she began to change her life because she couldn’t live that way anymore.

Now, Amanda teaches others how to find their way out of unhappiness and stuckness. She teaches clients how to create an intimate connection with themselves to learn to love themselves (sometimes for the first time) and create a fulfilling, vibrant life. She focuses on this idea of connection to self, to help people live happily and become the heroes of their own lives.

Jann Finley, MA, LMHC, CCHt. Jann is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been in private practice in Everett, WA for 6 years. She has a Bachelors's degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, a Master's degree in Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle, and Hypnotherapy certifications from Edmonds Hypnotherapy and Mary Lee Labay Ph.D. CCHt. She worked for many years in the homeless sector of Seattle, WA, as a Mental Health Outreach Worker, visiting homeless shelters to provide mental health counseling services to homeless women and their families.

During this time, Jann became aware of the impact of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), as every client had a story of adversity that led to a multitude of chronic homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, chemical dependency, self-sabotage, destructive behaviors, relationship dysfunction and/or other debilitating issues. Her empathic and compassionate nature led her clients to trust the healing process and began to use hypnotherapy as a tool for healing the trauma wounds. Working with trauma requires patience and understanding, as the unveiling of the layers of traumatic events requires time for healing. Over the years, Jann learned to navigate often complex trauma to arrive at long term solutions with her clients. In providing solid and sustainable healing modalities for both clients, she fulfills her purpose of supporting others in elevating their lives to be healthy and for them to be able to live from a place of purpose.  She is happy to be providing value to The BEING Zone System as she found it to be very valuable in her own life and in her work.

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