About this course

Course 1 of The BEING Zone System is DISCOVERY

This is the module where you will excavate your life to discover what you need to work on and heal. Once you have those identified, you will be provided with tools that have been tested with clients and proven to be effective. You will find that the tools will help you make the SHIFTS you need to so you can create the life you want.

You will have to trust us, but when it comes to floating in love, wealth, happiness, abundance, health, and harmony with friends and laughter, it is your natural state, the "givens" in this great journey called life. And when you learn to exist in this state that we call The BEING Zone, you will experience what it feels like to be in balance in all areas of your life. This way of being can become a reality to you by learning the tools and techniques taught to you within The BEING Zone System. That said, you do have to stop the argument that claims you are without.

Once you complete this training, you will have changed your internal belief system allowing you to show up and act differently in this world. You will be who you were meant to be, and for some of you, it may mean finding true happiness for the first time ever. Whether the training is to help yourself or learn new tools to help your clients, if you are a therapist or a coach, you will find many treasures to ensure effective change.

Enjoy your journey, and do not hesitate to reach out inside The BEING Zone Facebook Group to ask questions and get support from other group members or us. We know without a doubt that if you commit, you will be successful! Best wishes to creating the life you dreamed of having.

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