Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Transformation

You have most likely just completed Course #1, where you learned more about who you are and how you got there.

Course #2: Transformation

This course on Transformation is about moving you forward so you can begin to transform your life. You will begin down a path of discovery to learn more about how to tune into your heart and body, which is where your intuition lays.

Learn to Exist in The BEING Zone

You will learn more about how we tend to exist in the DOING Zone by nature, which is not beneficial to you. You will learn how to turn off that voice in your head and begin to exist in The BEING Zone, which will have a major impact on how you respond to life circumstances. When you begin to exist in The BEING Zone, you will learn to step into your personal place of power. You will be able to move from a place of unhappiness or stress or overwhelm into a place you love to be.

Excavate Your Life to Discover Your True North

From this place of peace in The BEING Zone, you will begin to excavate your life to determine who you are at the core and begin to take baby steps towards making your true north, your calling, a more prevalent part of your life! It is your time to move into a life of personal growth, full of happiness and fulfillment.

Let's get started!

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