Do You Feel Overwhelmed, Stressed, Frustrated or Burned Out?

Would you like to feel calmer, more connected, and

extremely confident you are making an impact?

In 2018, the American Psychological Association analyzed burnout among 

mental health services providers. They found that “anywhere between 21% and 61% of mental health practitioners experience signs of burnout”.

What You Will Learn and How it Benefits You!

How to live a Heart-Based Life Vs. a Head-Based Life

  • Scientific studies have proven you will be happier in life and more satisfied in your career if you follow your heart instead of your head.
  • One study shows 79% of us use our heads not our hearts. Making decisions using your logic with your heart is most effective for a happy life.
  • Your thinking and behavior are conditioned by your upbringing, culture, family and background, you’ll learn to recognize and identity these thoughts and behaviors that do not serve you and even change them.

Experience the Benefits of Existing in The BEING Zone

  • You will be more calm, present and able to notice your negative thoughts increasing your awareness and decreasing self-judgement.
  • You will bring your life back into balance, incorporating things into it which nourish and replenish you, rather than continually drain you.
  • You'll move out of your constant stream of thoughts, and become more in touch with your senses and your body allowing you to be really present in your life.
  • You will learn to exist in the present moment, being connected to yourself, your environment and those around you.

Identifying Your True North or Purpose

  • You will be lead through a series of journaling exercises that will help you tune into what truly makes you happy and what are your natural gifts. This will help you finetune what you're doing so you have more purpose and meaning in your life.

Can you Relate to any of These Tendencies?

>I am a worrier and I get stressed easily.

> I get frustrated, irritated, or angry often.

> I feel I am not enough or I don't feel good enough.

>I am a pleaser and want to fit in.

>I have more to do than I have time.

>I tend to overcommit and over-promise.

>I don't love my job or my life.

>I know there must be more to life.

If any of the above tendencies resonated with you, most likely you are feeling unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed or stuck in life.

We Know, As We Have Been There! And We Can Help!


Marla Williams

Certified Life Coach, PHR, PM,
Certified Thetahealer

I had a very successful corporate career but I existing in my head and in the DOING Zone. I almost died. I transformed my life, and found my true north as a coach and author, I transformed my life and now exist in a heart-based place in The BEING Zone.

Amanda Stovall

Certified Life Coach,
Certified Thetahealer

Emotional wounds plagued my family and hurt me and my family members. I overcame self-esteem issues, fear and massive setbacks in life allowing me to move from surviving to thriving. It took years and a lot of trial and error but I am now happy and exist in The BEING Zone.

Jann Finley

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I experienced emotional abuse as a child and wife. I lived in my head and was DOING all the time just trying survive. My life experiences drove me into my purpose as a mental health counselor helping others who have adversity in their lives, I now exist in The BEING Zone and teach my clients how to do the same.

If Your Life Isn't What you Expected, You Will Want to Learn The BEING Zone System

This online course is for people who want to transform their lives into one’s they love.

Visualize your new life 3 months from now…

Remember that long list of complaints you had about your life?

✔️ All ticked off. You read the book, and cleared old blocks and learned how to live a heart-based life in The BEING Zone.

That feeling of stress or overwhelm of living in the DOING Zone?

✔️ Completely gone. You have learned and now apply the tools and techniques that will keep you in the calm, present space of The BEING Zone.

Not Loving Your Life?

✔️ Never again. You now have clarity on who you are and what you are meant to be doing in this world. You are following your heart, know your true north and beginning to create a life you love.

Who is this training for?

✔️Individuals, Therapists, Mental Health Counselors or Coaches…this is for you.

Goodbye Ego, Goodbye DOING

Hello Purpose and Meaning



At the heart of your transformation is this second course, covering everything from learning not to listen to that voice in your head , to how to move out of DOING and experience the value of existing in The BEING Zone to excavating your life to determine what you are meant to do and be in life.


We love building communities. We have been coaching and teaching for years and believe in supporting everyone who places their trust in us by generously giving our time and expertise as freely as possible. We are passionate about helping people to create lives they love.

Create a Life You Love

Begin to create the life you dreamed of having.

Course #2- Transformation Curriculum

  Section 1 Welcome and Introduction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section 2 Creating A Heart Based Life
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section 3: Move from the DOING Zone into The BEING Zone
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Section 4: Learning to Identify One’s Purpose or True North?
Available in days
days after you enroll

Course #2 Transformation Pricing

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What Our Fan's Are Saying

Trudie German

Founder of Body Envy and Online Personal Trainer

“For years, I was unhappy. No matter what goals I set and accomplished, I felt like something was always off. I had worked with various counselors and coaches, but nothing seemed to help. Then I started working with Marla and The BEING Zone System. It turned my life around, and I started to feel happy inside for the first time ever.

Elena Brower

Mentor and Best Selling Author of Practice You and The Art of Attention

The BEING Zone will help you see the tough lessons as the best maps directing you towards the understanding and the wisdom you have always had. The BEING Zone is full of tools, contemplations, explorations and prompts to help you move the needle forward.

Jeff Granville

Founder of Mindful Presents, Bringing Mindfulness to Pediatric Patients

The BEING Zone is different than anything out there. Instead of just sharing the knowledge, Marla is teaching you how to make it a reality in your life and providing you with options so that it works for you. The BEING Zone will help you find the best version of your true, authentic self, right there under your own un-DOING.”

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